Saturday, February 1, 2014

My Love-Hate Relationship with the Army

So, after seven years of my husband being part of the Army I really should not be surprised when the unexpected happens.  This past week we were told my husband has to be part of a month long Squadron training on another island.  This normally would not be a issue to either of us, but it just happens it would be over my due date so he would most likely to miss the birth.  Obviously I was devastated to hear this and my husbands COC was not willing to work with us at all.

Well on Tuesday this week I had a major baby scare and my husband rushed me to the hospital after several hours of almost no fetal movement.  Well the doctors quickly did an ultrasound and some blood tests and after some Q and A we discovered I had not been consuming enough calories or drinking enough water for the baby.  In addition, my iron and thyroid levels have significantly dropped.  Now I am on a much stricter food routine and the baby is doing much better. 

After our dramatic week Michael got called into meet with his CO and suddenly they are convinced it is important for him to be here for the birth.... Really?  Isn't this what we have been trying to tell them?  Anyway, I am so thankful they were able to work out a schedule where Michael would go with them and train for a week or two and then head back a week before the due date and hopefully be here when our little man meets this big old world. 

No one can say that the Army life is boring and I wish this kind of organization was rare.  However, now that we are on this side I am just thankful that an understanding was met.  I cannot imagine going through labor without my husband by my side.


Tim and Connie said...

Ohhh Praise the Lord your husband can be there for the birth of your baby!

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